EnLink Midstream makes the connections that make life as we know it possible.

That leads us to the question, what is midstream?

As a leading midstream company, we use our resources and innovation to help connect energy producers with consuming markets. We operate pipelines and other assets that utilize road, rail and water to transport natural gas, natural gas liquids, and crude oil across North America. We own and operate storage and processing facilities, holding and preparing these natural resources for their end use. We transport them from the wellhead all the way to the companies that fuel automobiles and provide power to homes and businesses.

We're in the middle of everything.

EnLink Midstream is strong, bringing value to our investors and customers with diverse assets and a solid financial foundation.

And the best part is we're growing.

We're growing our assets and your return on investment. We're growing the EnLink Midstream family, adding employees that drive the success of our company and watching them grow a career and a family of their own. We're moving more natural resources than ever before, making more connections in more places.

We're connecting our investors with information about the tremendous opportunity

this company represents. We're connecting our customers with the infrastructure they need to move resources and provide innovative solutions that meet their needs.

We're connecting energy to life.

EnLink Midstream.

Strong, innovative, growing.