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Please see the attached tariffs and Statements of Operating Condition (SOCs) on file with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for the EnLink Midstream pipelines that are subject to FERC jurisdiction.


Crude Oil, Condensate, and NGLs

EnLink Crude Pipeline, LLC Tariff (Effective 02.01.19)

EnLink Delaware Crude Pipeline, LLC Tariff (Effective 02.11.19)

EnLink NGL Pipeline, LP, Tariff (Effective 05.01.19)

Ohio River Valley Pipeline, LLC, Tariff (Effective 07.01.18)

Victoria Express Pipeline, L.L.C., Tariff (Effective 07.01.18)

Natural Gas

Chandeleur Pipeline, LLC, Tariff (Effective 06.28.17)

Sabine Pipeline, LLC Tariff (Effective 04.01.19)

Statements of Operating Conditions

Acacia Natural Gas, LLC, SOC (Effective 12.06.17)

Bridgeline Holdings, LP, SOC (Effective 06.28.17)

EnLink LIG, LLC, SOC (Effective 05.14.14)