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In March 2014, Crosstex Energy and Devon Energy combined substantially all of Devon’s U.S. midstream assets with Crosstex’s assets to create EnLink Midstream Partners, LP, and EnLink Midstream, LLC, collectively “EnLink Midstream.” Together, we have formed one of the largest midstream businesses in the industry. Our increased scale and diversification allows us to capitalize on the significant opportunities in the midstream industry, and with Devon’s strong upstream sponsorship, EnLink Midstream is well positioned for stable long-term growth.

There are two ways to invest in EnLink Midstream: through the purchase of units in EnLink Midstream Partners, LP (NYSE: ENLK), a master limited partnership (MLP), or the purchase of shares in EnLink Midstream, LLC (NYSE: ENLC), the general partner. This business model provides institutions that are unable to make direct MLP investments with a way to participate in EnLink’s growth through common share ownership of the general partner. Click the image below to view our entity structure in a PDF. 

Updated Entity Structure