Community Investment

Guidelines and Application

EnLink Midstream’s community investment program embodies our commitment to the communities where we live and work and aligns with one of our most cherished core values: to Be Good Stewards. If you operate a nonprofit that serves a community where EnLink operates and would like to request a contribution, please review and complete the online form.

Eligible Organizations

  1. The recipient organization receiving a donation must be registered with a 501(c)(3) federal tax status and is required to submit a completed W-9.
  2. The nonprofit receiving funds must be located in or serve a community where EnLink operations exist.
  3. The project must fit one of the focus area criteria: Community Development, Education, or Health and Human Services.

Community Development: EnLink supports civic leadership efforts that enhance the overall quality of life within our communities and increases the general attractiveness of our constituent communities as places to live and work.

Education: EnLink provides grants for accredited schools to develop new programs or enhance teaching facilities in communities where we operate.

Health & Human Services: EnLink supports health and human service programs that provide for the needs of those living in the communities where we operate.

Ineligible Individuals/Groups

Donations will not be made to following, except in special circumstances as deemed appropriate by EnLink:

  1. Third-party fundraisers
  2. Travel for individuals or groups
  3. Projects outside of EnLink operational areas
  4. Political events
  5. Individuals

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